Weighty matters

Greetings, past selves.

I’m trying to lose weight. So far the eating portion of the equation has proved less tractable than I thought it would. Temptation is so hard to resist… who knew! So I’m going to have to turn to an old foe: my nemesis, my kryptonite, yes I’m talking about… strenuous exercise.

I know, right? But I’m so out of shape right now, I’ll have to ease into it over a fairly long period. Do what little I can for now, build up to more afterwards.

Wish me luck!


What to do, what to do: Part 1

For those who are looking for some way to address the current US situation, some helpful links:

Southern Poverty Law Center on fighting hate:


To contact Congressbeings and express how to represent you:




Committee to Protect Journalists, for some Free Press:




Some highlights from my FB posts.  All political.

“There is no such thing as not voting.” –Eric Liu

If you can vote but don’t, you’re voting to abdicate your power over your life, handing it over to whomever the wind blows past you. In a very real sense you make yourself a second class citizen. You are throwing away a precious right that generations fought and died to give you.

Now, if you want to vote but can’t, because of recent legal shenanigans or other reasons, that’s different, your choice and voice have been taken away.

Not voting is screwing yourself. As opposed to getting screwed. A lot of people screwed up or got screwed in this election.


We can no longer (if we ever could) afford to be passive observers in the world. We live in an age of increasingly unreliable information. Just because something is said on TV or written on a page does not make it true.

We’re being flooded with lax reporting, spin, partisan propaganda, trolling, scams, manipulation, Truthiness, and Big Lie strategies. It’s become a common toolset used by nearly all sides in nearly every issue, because it works. Many people buy into the hype they hear endlessly repeated.

The news corporations and networks are businesses, paid by advertisers, owned by interests who often have their own biases or agendas. As for the internet news, it’s like Wikipedia without the citation requirements; anyone can edit.

So, please, don’t be a sponge, absorbing whatever floats your way. Don’t rely on any one news organization or any one story. Take control of your information intake. Research. Check facts. Check reputations of sources. Do your homework and do it diligently, because that final exam is a killer.


I have seen and heard Trump supporters declaring on t shirts and the like that they are “deplorables”.

The deplorables that Clinton talked about are white supremacists. So think carefully about the message you’re sending; is that really who you want to publicly declare solidarity with?


I’m already sick of people telling me “Oh, SHE would have been just as bad”. Clinton, for all her major faults, at least initially ran a campaign calling for hope, progress and unity. Trump consistently ran a campaign based on fearmongering, bullying, insults, and calling for division of people. Now those “values” are entrenched into our nation’s leadership and our society.

Even if Clinton really would have been as bad as some say (which we’ll never know now), it doesn’t matter. The “lesser” evil is still very evil. And the Republicans have shown clearly that most of them will back his play no matter how extreme.

The worst part (for me, as a straight white male) is that kids will be growing up seeing that horrible example all the time, thinking it must be OK if the President says it. They’ll be absorbing that sickness from the highest source.


Trump is an agent of chaos. He is the Joker. He is Caligula. He lives to disrupt stability and watch the bloodsport that results.

First and foremost


This first post will be short and sweet. A bit about myself: American of Italian descent, 47 years old, geeky. I have high-functioning autism (formerly Asperger’s Syndrome), ADHD, anxiety, social issues, and major depression. I’m learning to deal with most of these problems, but I still have a ways to go. I have a loving family who supports me and medications that balance my brain chemistry. I am on Disability and receive enough income to get by (sans room and board costs, which my family provides). What more could I ask for?

Well, recent events have shown me that I could ask for quite a lot. Less medical problems for my family members. No Trump in the White House. Less hate on the streets. More progress. But wishing won’t make it so. In upcoming posts I will be providing links for active methods one can use to try to oppose the forces currently in the process of warping our society even more into a parody of itself.

I truly believe things will get better. We have made too much progress for it to all stop now. But we will only reach my Future by undergoing hard struggles and weathering bad times. Still, I am trying to be optimistic in the face of depression and anxiety.

Thanks for reading, Past Selves, and welcome to the blog.