The Future Will Suck, But…

But there’s some rays of hope, Past Selves.

Overall, the long term trend is, things are getting better. In nearly every category. The last couple of years’ uptick in reactionary violence and intolerance, is hopefully the last gasp of a dying paradigm.
But it’s going to get worse before it returns to getting better.

The early 21st Century will be I think, more turbulent than most of the 20th Century, which brought us 2 World Wars, the Cold War and the end of the Cold War, the Soviet era, Women’s Suffrage, Jim Crow and Civil Rights, Prohibition and the War On Drugs, the Sexual Revolution, the Internet and hacking, satellites, cell phones, discovery of DNA, the Moon landing, and a few other such minor changes and disruptions.

We face violent times, lots of refugees, lots of loss of life, property, resources, and security. Humanity as a whole will probably survive but many of us won’t, or will suffer greatly. The species will muddle through. I predict a lot of muddling. And a lot of selfish, avoidable dickery from the usual suspects.

If nothing else, the changes in our environment will be with us for centuries. Our warmest regards to our descendants!

We can work to preserve things in our immediate surroundings, to improve conditions for those around us and to develop and maintain a more sustainable (physically and socially) life.

If everyone did that we wouldn’t have the world we have now. But if you do it, now and ongoing, you can at least improve the part of the world that you can occupy.


Author: mkferrante

Conquering mental illness one freakout at a time. Occasional writer, former artist, budding activist, would-be filmmaker. Basically a seething well of untapped potential.