Back in the USSR

Hi, Past Selves. Brief post.

Still focussed on my writing, getting into characters. My latest creations are Soviet-era Cosmonauts, snatched from Earth in the primes of their lives and the height of the Cold War.

I’ve discovered a way to explain their presence, involving a real life event that can cover their being “abducted by aliens” (should that even have quotes? It is literally what happens in the story.) and still living today. I’ll need to research conditions and life in the USSR in 1960 and the Soviet Space Program.

Not to mention plotting out what all they’ve been doing since then. And their personalities. And Russian translations. And their kids’ personalities.

And decide who actually brought them here.

I’m creating a universe here, and now I’m populating it.


Author: mkferrante

Conquering mental illness one freakout at a time. Occasional writer, former artist, budding activist, would-be filmmaker. Basically a seething well of untapped potential.