Join the Navy, see the Marines

Greetings, Past Selves.

Definitely feeling a little more purposeful this AM. I had a bit of an anxiety attack yesterday, but it seems to have cleared up now. My emotional state is as stable as it ever is.

Writing wise, I’m delving into a little more research into military life, so I’ll probably be asking my Dad about his experience aboard the Henry L. Stimson. A nuclear submarine under the ice cap probably equates most closely to life on a military spacecraft, minus the zero gravity.

My main character encounters NASA Astronauts, Russian Cosmonauts (current and Soviet-era), US Navy and USMC. I’ll be checking out sources with as many of those experiences I can find, to get a feel for the life and attitudes, as well as traditions and ways of talking and acting. I want real verisimilitude in my fake universe.


Author: mkferrante

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