So it’s the next day.

My sister is living with my Mom and me until the divorce and subsequent housing arrangements are settled.

Saturday morning, she woke up severely dizzy and sick. To the point of almost blacking out whenever she moved her head. We took her to the ER (fortunately close). She had to call her Ex to take the kids to their various activities for the day.

After several hours and a number of tests, determined that fluid buildup in her inner ear was causing vertigo. She finally got out by 2 PM. She may not be able to drive tomorrow… we’ll see. And now she needs to see an Ear Nose and Throat specialist. Fortunately there’s one not far from here.

We’d all planned to sleep in Saturday morning. So much for that idea.

Back In The Saddle Sores Again

Greetings, Past Selves.

So I’ve un-abandoned the Blog again.

It’s been a rough time for me and my family. My sister’s going through a divorce and there have been several family health problems. But I know that withdrawing is not going to make things any better, so I’m trying to get more interactive with people (including writing online.)

I’ve got a few story ideas still brewing, but putting it down on pixels is the hard part for me. It requires discipline that I don’t yet have. It’s been suggested that daily journaling or blogging can help develop that regular writing habit.

So I’m trying again. I’ll contribute as often as I can think of it.


Sorry, Past Selves. The depression has me by the brainstem and I’m not going to get much accomplished until it’s dealt with.

I’m in a fog, wandering on autopilot. My meds haven’t changed, only circumstances, so I’ll probably have to deal with it through therapy rather than chemistry.

My last bout of severe depression lasted 40 years. Here’s hoping I can shorten this batch to a few months.

This cannot stand.

Secret CIA assessment says Russia was trying to help Trump win White House http://wpo.st/WMFL2

The CIA report on Russian involvement is both frightening and enraging. To allow a foreign power to influence our voting process is illegal, unconstitutional, and un-American. Now that the intelligence community has found that a strong possibility exists, it needs to be investigated at once

I call on all patriot and citizens: Call your representatives to demand a full audit of the Presidential election and a Congressional investigation. We need to know if our Democracy has been violated.

Make your voice heard. Stand up for our country.

Action beats inaction

Greetings, past selves.

I’ve started trying to find ways to help alleviate my anxiety and to help others as well. Little things that I can do to make an increasingly bad situation better.

I’ve given donations, signed petitions, spread a few messages, and I’m working on not purchasing from companies that support the Trump family or advertise on Breitbart. I’ve cancelled my Amazon Prime subscription for that reason and am looking for alternative sources for goods.

In the longer term, my efforts will go towards continuing these activities, and use therapy to develop the psychological resources to weather the tough times. I’ll also be getting into physical shape (in case I need to run or survive under negative conditions), try to find ways to help or join organizations that will need help and will help others, learning Spanish, and developing other useful skills. What I do beyond that will depend on what happens in the next few months and years ahead. I have a lot to learn and a long way to go.

My motives so far have been mostly selfish, aimed at making me feel better and less helpless. That has to change as my focus gets broader and I join with others to organize more significant efforts to resist and dissent. But to get there, I’ll be working on myself more extensively and shoring up my personal defenses against depression, anxiety, panic, and emotional chaos.

I need to, if I hope to survive the oncoming storm.